WA Cares Fund

Developing a brand from scratch for the WA Cares Fund, a first of its kind public long-term care program changing the way the whole country thinks about aging with dignity.‍

design research / brand strategy and development / visual design
The WA Cares Fund is a historic policy intervention for older Americans.

Washingtonians contribute a small percentage of their earnings towards long term care; beginning in January 2026, each person who is eligible can access supports costing up to $26,500 for everything from meal delivery to hiring a home health aid to making home modifications.

But how to position something totally new in a time of economic precarity and rampant distrust? That was the juicy question we got to tackle, along with the WA Cares Fund team. We were tapped in 2021 to develop a brand that was representative of the state, its people, and mission to help each other age gracefully.

The Holding Co. conducted research interviews with a diverse group of state residents, as well as experts on aging and care throughout Washington. We then built the  brand with a raw and human sentiment that resonated with the theme of aging, while complementing it with imagery and symbolism unique to the spirit and characteristics of the state.