Transforming a rapidly growing start-up into a digital-first experience that elegantly supports people's care needs with technology.

design research / brand design / product vision and strategy / product and experience design
Wellthy supports families with complex, chronic, and ongoing care needs by providing a better caregiving experience.

They match employees burdened with an endless list of caregiving to-dos with care coordinators who help them manage insurance, find health care providers, interview in-home aids and so much more.

Care coordinators are the lifeblood of Wellthy–think of your most knowledgeable, empathic, and energetic friend, the one that brings you a casserole before you’ve even realized you need one. That’s Wellthy’s care coordinators.

The Holding Co. has been a core design partner to Wellthy since 2020 across brand, product vision and strategy, to detailed design of care coordinator dashboards and workflows, customer onboarding and more.

We were lucky enough to collaborate with Wellthy’s core team on evolving the platform so that  wisely leveraged technology creates more efficiencies for both Wellthy’s care coordinators and customers.

Our work has served as a critical foundation for Wellthy’s growth and success.